The Maryland Metal Foundation is a Nonprofit organization and subsidiary of Maryland Metal.
Donations to the Foundation go towards four main areas:

Maryland Forestation, Farm Land Management, and the Chesapeake Bay
Over the past 300 years, settlers in Maryland cleared too many forest lands to plow farms. The tree loss, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the excessive burning of fossil fuels have affected our air quality and contributed towards pollution and environmental problems. The Chesapeake Bay suffers from pollution, excessive algal blooms, massive dead zones,  and the over-harvesting of seafood.
Our Foundation supports reforestation, the improvement of farmland soil quality, the cleaning of the Bay and preservation of its aquatic life.

Maryland Home Quality and Renovation
Certain areas of Maryand have homes of poor quality such as Baltimore's inner city.
We aim to assist residents in purchasing a home or renovating their existing property.
We also work with investors and developers to assist with the purchase, finance, rehabilitation, and construction of real estate in the blighted areas of the state such as parts of Baltimore's Inner City and the City of Frederick.

Maryland Poverty and Homelessness
Maryland is one of the wealthiest states in the nation.  However, there are still 553,000 people living in poverty and 6,360 homeless residents per day.
Our Foundation contributes to alleviated poverty in the state through financial charity, counseling services, and job preparation and networking.
We also contribute towards homeless and rehabilitation facilities in the state.

Maryland Education:
Financial Literacy and Job Preparedness
Many Maryland residents are unprepared for the economic environment of the modern age.
Many residents do not have formal training. We provide free online financial literacy classes and of course teach the importance of real money and conservative investing.
We also provide free job training services which include: career counseling, resume drafting, job applications, and interview preparations.

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A portion of every sale is dedicated to planting trees in the USA and around the world.

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